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  Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back
See Life's Limitless Possibilities Through New Eyes
How can a guy who deals with cerebral palsy (CP) and its limitations Speak out about living life to the fullest? Indeed, how can a guy with a serious speech impediment due to CP create a successful speaking business?

In his 29 years, motivational speaker Sourena Vasseghi has had to learn-more urgently than most-that if you truly love your life, it will love you back.

Because Sourena believes there is no greater motivation than love, he applies the principles of creating a successful love relationship to creating a successful life-one that embraces limitations while finding ways to feel joy, passionate, and gratitude every day.

Throughout this book, he shares his often contrary strategies for success in these 10 compelling lessons:

  • Dream Your Ideal Life
  • Feel the Fear
  • Make Problem-Solving a Passion
  • Don't Limit Your Thinking
  • Use Envy to Ignite Your Passion
  • Let Need Fuel Your Success
  • Keep the Change
  • Take Advantage of Luck
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Be Open to New Experience

These are tools you can use, too, to fulfill your unlimited potential and love your life so much that it all comes back to you. Let Sourena's limitless vision help you see your own life's possibilities in a fresh way-through the eyes of love.

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