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  Sourena Vasseghi
From a young age, Sourena didn’t want to have a pedestrian life. The challenge for him was to deal with a condition that affects the entire body and every decision he makes. Since his challenges are so prevalent, Sourena had to develop a unique outlook on life and philosophies that can be implemented in any professional or personal situation, which he shares with the world through his books, professional consulting, and motivational speeches with his partner Rich.

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the UCLA Medical Center when he was two, Sourena quickly learned in life that if he was going to make a difference in the world, he would have to create his own unique path. As a well-read and business savvy young man, he graduated from USC in May 2001. Sourena opened his own marketing firm and after being inundated with countless requests to share his wonderful insight on living, he wrote the top-selling and award-winning book “Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back.”

Throughout his journey, Sourena found his unique path to success and that the message that he uses can be applied in most situations.


He has been recognized with several accolades for the professional and personal successes he’s achieved. Sourena won the Indie Excellence Award for Best Business Book of 2008 for Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back. In 2009, he was named Westlake Today magazine’s inaugural Man of the Year. Most recently, he was honored with Looking Beyond’s Soaring Spirit Award 2010 at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Sourena believes that big dreams take big sacrifices.


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